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VI Design for 37 Innovation Island|VI設計


Takumi Creative 卓美創作與客戶“37創新島”共度了一次非常愉快的合作經歷,37團隊年輕有為、充滿活力。Takumi Creative 卓美創作為“37創新島”創作一整套品牌視覺形象,服務內容包括:







Takumi Creative shared wonderful time with 37 Innovation Island. The team members from 37 are young, energetic and diligent. Takumi Creative was invited to take care of the upgrade of their brand visual identity.

Scope of work:

-Brand concept and brand story development

-Logo design modification

-Color scheme planning for the brand

-Business card design

-Website design

-Directory system design for 37's office buildings

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